Secrets to Living with Joy

 Learn to Live Joyously, on Purpose, Even During Challenging Times

with Sabine Goerke-Shrode

Do you ever consciously ask yourself...

How will you bring joy into your life today?

For over a year now, we have had to let go of the way we used to live and adapt and design new forms of how to be.

Working from home while caring for our families, trying to stay connected to friends and family in new ways while worrying about our mental, physical and financial health, and well-being - the words challenging, exhausting, and stressful describe best the toll events of the last year have taken.  

We do not like change. One of the struggles for many is the loss of our normally strong boundaries between professional work and private life. Throughout the day, we shift from persona to persona - spouse, parent, employee, a friend without consciously asking ourselves “Who am I in any given moment?

As for taking care of our own self - who can find that energy after a long day of caring for everybody else?  

  • How can we gather our inner strength to overcome negative emotions? 
  • How can we nourish our flagging spirits to uplift ourselves and those around us?
  • How can we be fully present in the moment?

In fact, when have you last asked yourself "What gives me joy?" or "What makes my spirit dance?"


Welcome to the Journey!

Create your reality through your thoughts and intentions, one moment at a time...


Join us in a powerful 4-week virtual live course with Sabine Goerke-Shrode, an energy shifter whose approach stretches across multiple disciplines to help you reach deeper levels in your personal and spiritual transformation.

Through stories, meditations, and a variety of tools and exercises, you will tap into your core strength of joy, rediscover how to love and nurture yourself, strengthen your connection to your higher self and find peace within. 

Create the reality you truly want!


Our New 4-week LIVE Online Course

Starts on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021


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What will you learn during these 4 weeks?


In this 4-week transformational course, Sabine Goerke-Shrode will guide you through a journey of self-discovery, learning to consciously connect with your vibrational energies,  

Weekly sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm PST.

Each class will start with gathering the energy of the group, followed by a grounding meditation led by Sabine. The classes will also contain one longer meditation, daily joy practices, and affirmation work. There will be time for live interaction and questions.

The first module will explore topics around joy and happiness, delve into the Law of Attraction and discuss our energy being - our aura and chakras and how joy reflects in our energy.   

The second module will dive deeper into our mindset and subpersonalities. We'll also further explore the Law of Attraction to create strong intentions and effective manifestation. 

The third module will focus on emotions, where they reside in our energy bodies, how to work with them and to raise vibrational energy levels.

The fourth module will cover the art of self-love, connecting head and heart centers, and fully receive in appreciation and gratitude.

Learn to live joyously, on purpose, even during these challenging times!


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