Spirit Dance

Working with Light Body energy is a soul call and a soul contract. As a transformational guide and energy shifter, I can assist you in your journey to reach your highest potential and to shine your light energies into the world.

         Secrets to Living with Joy 

Have you ever felt that you would be happier if only you could let go of old hurts and emotions, knew how to keep your inner balance during crazy moments, or shift your mind to recognize the gifts that are hidden in a situation?

This four-week workshop will explore how to live joyously even during challenging times – how to be present despite stress, challenges, or loneliness.

You have the freedom to create your reality one moment at a time. But do you know how to do this on purpose? There lies the secret to living in joy!

In this workshop, you will meet your subpersonalities, listen to your mindset, lovingly embrace your emotions, discover the healing energies of gratitude, love and light, and know that you can flow through your day radiating joyful energy to the world around you.


Reiki Healing Across Space and Time 

We are all vibratory beings, constantly sending and receiving unique vibrational energies. Our energy fields contain our etheric template – our individual blueprint for who we are and what we came here to learn in this lifetime. 

Reiki, combined with Chakra energy work, crystal energies and shamanic  thought transcends the limitations of time and space, allowing energy work in any dimension. 

        Awakening Your Light Body

In this year-long course, discover how to consciously awaken your Light Body and its 10 energy centers. You will discover greater control over mind and emotions, find mental clarity, tame your mind chatter, open your heart and become more magnetic to the opportunities the Universe offers.  

Are you ready to embark on a grand adventure? Have you been working on meditation and spiritual development, but feel that you are not progressing?

By awakening your Light Body, you will set out on your journey of discovery and growth, a spiritual quest, an awakening to your soul. The Universe of which you are a part is waiting for you!


How do you maintain your

vibrant, high energy flow?

"7 Simple Steps to Raise & Maintain Vibrant Energy Flow"

provides easy self-care steps for keeping your energy vibration at its best 

You are an energy being, sending and receiving energy vibrations constantly. Your energy vibrations continually vary both in quality and quantity.  Living in a predominantly negatively focused world challenges you to stay on a high vibration level.

You know that the smoother and higher your vibrations run, the more positive, loving, compassionate and authentic you are – closer to your higher self. And with higher vibrations, manifesting your goals and desires becomes just a playful dance with the Universe.  

You know when your vibrations are “high” or “low,” but do you know how to raise them intentionally?

 “7 Simple Steps to Raise & Maintain Vibrant Energy Flow” will assist you in building a foundation for vibrational energy maintenance throughout the day.  Whether you are stuck in an office with negative emotions swirling around you, are overwhelmed by the energies of a crowd, or want to protect yourself against electromagnetic energies – these simple exercises are easy to incorporate into your daily life.  

May you vibrate to your best and highest – Love & Light to You!

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"Sabine has a natural high positive vibration that exudes her love, compassion and deep need to be of service to her clients. I have learned how to see an unexpected situation through the eyes of possibility and gifts as demonstrated by Sabine. It has been my honor to work with such a gifted coach!"

- Sonia A. Barker

"I have had the privilege of knowing Sabine Goerke-Shrode for many years and have gotten to know Sabine as a kind, gentle and intuitive heart of a person that I trust dearly. This year I am lucky to be able to host her on my show, The Fresh Inspiration Show, throughout the year. I am amazed at all the skills Sabine has to use as an intuitive coach, energy healer and Light Body teacher, how she presents as a speaker and is always ready to work with me as the host to see what is needed for her to show up as a professional. I have seen both sides of Sabine as an intuitive coach and as a speaker. If you get the opportunity to work with her in any of the two capacities or both, you will be very happy that you said yes to this fabulous woman."

- Rhonda Liebig,
founder of The Fresh Inspiration Show LIVE monthly show, Podcast and on Roku TV"

Welcome to the Journey