Sabine Goerke-Shrode

... A Spirit Dancer, Energy Shifter & Joy Coach

“Change points are abrupt variations in time ….

Such abrupt changes may represent transitions that occur between states.”

How Do I Describe My Life?

I see each moment as a colorful kaleidoscope, with numerous change points, large and small, lining up like pearls on a necklace. 

Just like you, I was born with several potentials for what to become in my life. Looking back, I can see the crucial moments I changed course, moving forward onto the path that brought me to where I am and who I am today. 

There was the moment I decided to follow my passion for classical Archaeology and Egyptology and get my degree from the University of Heidelberg, Germany – I needed to be there for the next change point.

There was the moment I said “Yes” to that handsome American soldier when he asked me to dance with him – that decision brought me to California. 

There was the moment I began to write a newspaper column. That decision led to published books, honing my deep love of words and their meaning.

There was the moment the words “You have breast cancer,” turned my life upside down. That turned into the gift to face my mortality and decide how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Along the way, I struggled with my mindset, using negative thinking and sarcasm as my protection. “You have the most negative mindset of anybody I know!  Those words by a friend stopped me in my tracks. I knew, in that moment of fierce intensity, “I will not become like my father - whatever it takes.” 

That moment led to an intense period of reading, learning, growing, meditating.

I realized that I CAN choose to live in Joy and Gratitude no matter what happens around me.

Finally, I heard my guide channel for the first time: “Walk into the light with me. 

Now I listened with an open mind and open heart, and doors opened into my new world of energy work, light body activation, Law of Attraction transformational coaching, Quantum Touch, and Reiki energy work. 

I became the Energy Shifter and Joy Coach I was meant to be. 

The more I grew in Joy and light energy mastery, the more people approached me, drawn by my transformation. How could I not share what I had learned along the way? Without realizing it at first, I began to live my passion for coaching and teaching so that others will find their path of personal and spiritual growth. 

Now is the moment to bring it all together – to share the joy of living fully connected in our dancing spirits. 

It truly is a lifelong adventure.  

Welcome to the Journey!