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Joy Versus Happiness

living with joy

Do you ever ask yourself: "What will bring you joy today?"

That question opens your mind and heart to better allow you to recognize and experience moments of joy.

In the English language, we often use happiness and joy interchangeably. However, when you really feel into each word, you can sense that they carry different energies.

Happiness comes to us through external circumstances and experiences. One cannot hold on to the feeling of happiness for a long time. It is a temporary emotion. It always seems to rely on something outside of oneself, something that needs to happen first externally.

How often do we think: “If only I – get the job, lose the weight, eat that ice cream, stop thinking about something negative that occurred in the past – then I will be happy?”

With that way of thinking, our state of happiness is always in the future, waiting for that perfect moment to come. And even when one reaches that moment, it is fleeting at best.

The feeling of joy comes from a different place – joy lies deep inside us. It is always there, waiting for us to tap into its energy. Joy carries with it a feeling of contentment, of serene warmth, the confidence knowing that we are secure and cared for by the divine life force, no matter what happens around us.

Joy is being present, living purely in the moment. Babies and young children live in that Now. They are fully present, in the joyful exploration of their world, living moment to moment. We lose that sense of mindfully being present in the moment when we leave childhood. 

As an adult, we can create moments of joy intentionally. A perfect moment for me is being outside at night, looking up at the vast sky. Seeing the endless number of stars and galaxies reminds me that I am just a tiny, insignificant piece of the universe - yet this moment would not exist without my presence.

Joy is an expression of deep love, both for ourselves and for others. When we experience ourselves in the present moment, the feeling of joy connects us directly to the divine life force that creates everything and is always present.

Joy is a conscious commitment, reminding us to live in the now with a sense of trust, love, contentment, and gratitude, despite the earth plane’s life challenges.

So... how will you bring joy into your life today?

Love & Light to you, 

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