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Welcome to the Journey

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Welcome to the Journey!

We are all vibrational energies. Our whole planet is a living, breathing organism of vibrational energies flowing at different densities. Whether humans, animals, plants, rocks, or man-made articles – everything vibrates with its own frequencies.

This vibrational energy is light, and light is energy. As vibrational light beings, everything carries its own unique light signature.

The more I sit with these thoughts, the more I realize and sense that there can be no separation. We flow together as one stream, individual yet part of a whole. Oneness.

Within that flow of oneness, we the individual energy frequency, can shift, turn, accelerate, merge, play with other frequencies.

We are multi-dimensional and oneness at the same time, part of unfathomable infinite source energy that is pure, unconditional love. 

There is no separation, no division. That is a human mind construct that our ego creates in the mistaken attempt to keep itself secure. Oneness seems frightening to that tiny little ego. Otherness seems frightening. Creating barriers becomes the ego’s solution to keep fear at bay. Ego cannot fathom oneness; it always splinters into separation.

Our work here in this life form is to free ourselves from these fear-based boundaries, accept that our true inner self is not reflected by ego, access our light body energies, connect directly with our souls and regain the knowledge of being a part of the flow in oneness.

Love & Light to you, 

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